Dec 30, 2010

Berlin - a celebrating weekend

Freezing and interesting Berlin, tolerant and internationally multicultural Berlin, history and modern architecture, street art... such as in Tacheles, "Alternative-Kunst in der Ruine eines ehemaligen Kaufhauses"  and nightlife... such as in the techno oasis Berghain (much as Tresor was in its respective heydays), a huge club in an old power generation plant.
Pleasant encounters with friends and newly born Elsa, strolling on the snow around renowned Christmas markets, flea markets in MauerPark and fashion "made in Berlin".
Multi-ethnic food and original hamburgers, Berlin pilsner and Gluwhein... 
...and THE WALL with all its history.


Anonymous said...

Bellissime foto, brava! Pat

Fashion Nicotine said...

Nice pictures, I have to visit Germany soon... I live next door (The Netherlands) haha

Simone - blablabla & Clicks said...

Oi Camilla, lindas suas fotos. Te adicionei no flickr tambem.
Foi um prazer estar e fotografar o Firenze4ever.
Um abrço,
Simone Strijk

Perfectism said...

Camilla I love this! I wasn't sure you had a blog until now!
I love the way you arrange your pictures.
You are such a beautiful person!

Diane De L'orpaz

Musadinessuno said...

Oh, Berlino... il mio cuore è ancora lì che batte, mentre aspetta che torni a riprendermelo...
Un bacione Camilla!!