Jul 31, 2011

South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

At 10.30 we jump on a minibus from Chipata to Mfuwe waiting to get "full". At 12.40 with 24 people, kids, alive chickens and lots of luggages we leave for a 5 hours journey in a red dirt bumpy road. We arrive exhausted with red dust everywhere and we start walking towards the camp...not a good idea! Wild animals all around and the sun going fast down, lucky we get a lift. Three days in the Flatdogs Camp, fantastic camp with many elephants, monkeys and baboons, hippos walking around our tent. Morning safaris with the park waking up and night safaris to see the predators, walking safari to experience the bush on your feet, discovering the tracks and the poohs and approaching to a zebra up to two meters, super cool! I saw all the animals I wanted to see and many many more.

Baobab, 15 mt diameter - 1000 year old

Puku, impala, bushbuck, waterbuck
Thornicroft giraffe

Hippo, crocco
Elephants, Warthogs, Monkeys and Baboons
Hippo and Ibis

Cicogna, Roller, Kingfisher, African fishing eagle, Ibis, Starling

Iena, sausage tree, lioness
 Lions couple

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