Jun 12, 2012

Istanbul Istanbul...

It's taking me ages to post about Istanbul just because I'm trying to make collages with photoshop...worth it?! 
The long weekend was fantastic, the capital is incredible and going around with a very close friend that can show you all the hidden parts of the city is the best you could ask for! He made me love the city from the first sight!
The Bosphorus embraces the city, from Europe to Asia, from the old town to the new districts. From the Galata bridge fishermen are trowing their fishing poles all day long... The view over the entire city is astonishing, with the mosques' minarets designing the skyline and ships resting on the coast. 
Old and new houses, incredible palaces and historical mansions, abandoned wood refuges and Ottoman style buildings. New modern hotels and the Pera Palace, the last stop on the Orient Express, a grand hotel with Istanbul's first electric elevator where artists and aristocrats sipped champagne beneath chandeliers as the Ottoman Empire dissolved and the world drifted toward war...
Kurdish houses, along the Bosphorus, Istanbul University, the Pera Palace.
Tram in Istiklal Caddesi, Galata tower, outside a mosque, fishing from the Galata bridge.

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100% este pechito come papa said...

çok güzel collage! ... sana ve Davide'ye teşşekur ederiz...
de Estambul te llevas los numeros:
bir iyi ziyaret :)
iki güzel kıta (Avrupa ve Asya) :))
üç şarkilar (Babazula, Mercan Dede ve Chiquibom) :)))
dört arkadaş burada (Bilinç, Dünya, Fatih ve Mariah) :))))

hasta siempre.....