Sep 25, 2012

Los Angeles

LA, the City of Angels...wherever you go a movie has been shot in there! Mulholland Drive, Beverly Hills, Melrose Place, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Stripe, Santa Monica Pier, Downtown just to name a few. 
I walked, yes I walked till my feet swelled, around Downtown with impressive skyscrapers, up and down passing museums and a bicycle demonstration. Then crossing another block the atmosphere changes immediately, completely. Mexican and Chinese shops, selling any sort of thing, divided by Districts, and the Central Market, feels like visiting another country during your trip, without passing any border.
..and another country again, two blocks away, my beloved Japan in Little Tokyo! I couldn't resist to enter in a real Japanese bakery and buy some small melonpan 
and more, much more.
Downtown, business district

Beverly Hills

Little Tokyo
Converse store

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