Nov 23, 2006

Isla del Sol

From La Paz I took a local bus to Copacabana, the only beach in Bolivia...beautiful, but it's not the Copacabana of Brasil! I went for a walk in the mountain to see some inca ruines, but I got lost... nothing bad, I met a really old bolivian women and we end up walking togheter for 3 hours! She told me everything about the Aymara culture, and the orrible way the Spanish acted... Surely more interesting than the ruines!
Next day long boat ride in the Lago Titicaca to Isla del Sol, a lost paradise. No cars, electricity only sometimes, old local people and a lot of free kids. A long walk on the top of the mountains (and is not easy with the altitude) with two girls I met there (austrian and island), passing throw ruines and lake beaches of the blue water lake.
I'm eating trout (trucha) every day!

Now I'm in Peru, in Puno, where I'll go to visit other islands of the Lago Titicaca.

Bolivia has been wonderful, I wish I had spent there more days...

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