Mar 6, 2012

An island on the Mekong

Lying just across the water from Kratie (10 minutes ferry) is the island of Koh Trong, an almighty sandbar in the middle of the Mekong river. Traditional khmer villages, with old roofs, an old stupa and a small Vietnamite floating village. Cycling the loop road (9 km) around the island's perimeter, through fruits orchards and rice fields, while the calm routines of the island goes on. People of all ages are really friendly and hospitable. Fantastic, a really lovely place!


100% este pechito come papa said...

hermosísimo! y sigo insistiendo en que es mejor en bicicleta, ¿no? ;)

camirtw said...

Mucho melhor!!! gracias por ler mi blog sempre :)