Mar 4, 2012

Khmer Weddings

Getting married in Khmer tradition is kind of a big deal! The arrangements begin almost 3 months before, taking pictures with white dresses on the beach at the sunset (photo 4 in Koh Ru, a small island in the Gulf of Siam - front of Sihanoukville)... Big tents are in the most weird places such as in the middle of the streets, next to a petrol station, in the country side in the middle of nothing. Music is playing really loud, with a wall of speakers (hear the video!). Three days of ceremonies, parties, food, preparations. People are so nice that we have been invited a couple of times to join them, like in a small island in the middle of the Mekong (in front of Kratie) where we were invited to eat with them a rice soup with fresh soya beans at 8am. In front of the tent a photo of the married couple in white European dresses and another in traditional clothes, soft silk with bright colours, a gold and a silver bunch of bananas on a palm (photo 1), flowers. The fabrics and the atmosphere are really kitsch! 

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