Mar 10, 2012

Khmer Psah (markets in Cambodia)

Every country has its own markets where to experience some real local life, discover the traditions, meet the population and try anything. Markets are the places I always want to visit, eat and buy, and of course experience. Cambodian Psah are colourful, with plenty of weird food but tasty food too, full of life. Bikes speeding between the narrow stalls, people in pijama laying on the hammoks hanging everywhere.
Some really durty and smelly areas, with garbage and cockroachs, meat hanging covered only by a kroma (traditional scarf) when the stand is close. Fresh vegetables, strange and marvellous fruits, fish alive or dried, spices and paprikas, pork heads along with clothes, utensils, medicaments, shoes, silver and gold, watches, wedding costumes, tools, furniture, money exchanges with huge wads of cash, silk, fabrics, mats and of course much more!

Markets in Siem Reap, Kratie, Banlung, Phnon Penh, Bangkok.


Anonymous said...

prova prova prova......... sono marina anche se passo per anonimo, brava cami!!!!!!!!

100% este pechito come papa said...

mi favorito: los pies de maniquies con las uñas pintadas :)