Mar 8, 2012

Ratanakiri (4th stage)

Dusty road to go north of Kratié towards the remote Ratanakiri province, near the borders of Vietnam and Laos, till Banlung. Wild nature, waterfalls (Teuk Cah Ong, Okatchang, Okatieng) and cashnut plantations, and the great Ya Laom lake immersed in the bamboo forest where you can swim. Impressive was the visit to a Kreung minority village, Nong Laek, almost still living like ages ago, with traditional costumes and of course the kroma (traditional scarf) and huts with palm leaves divided for boys and girls.
Ka Tieng waterfall, Yaek Loam lake, Banlung market, behind Cha Ong waterfall

Kreung minority village

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